Harness The Power Of The Pivot To Find Greater Confidence & Consistency In Your Trading
Gold Trader
   Dan's Live Interactive Trading Webinar (Mon - Fri) so you can trade with and learn from Dan in real time.
   Live Stock Pivot Updates (Mon - Fri) so you can stay on top of and take action on the same opportunities Dan is monitoring each day.
   Stock Pivot Watchlists (Mon - Fri) so you're prepared with Dan's list of opportunities to monitor before each trading day begins.
   Nightly Market Video Recaps (Mon - Thurs) so you can learn from Dan's successes and mistakes at the end of each trading day.
VALUE: $297
PS60 Masterclass 3
   PS60 Masterclass & Updates so you learn how Dan makes winning trades so consistently and always have the latest improvements to his process.
   Setting Up Your Charts Like Dan Step By Step so you can see the same opportunities Dan sees and start trading like him, no matter what system you use.
   How To Trade Options With PS60 so you can modify Dan's strategy for trading options, if you prefer. Over half our members trade options using PS60.
   How To Swing Trade With PS60 so you can modify Dan's strategy for swing trading, if you prefer.
VALUE: $497
PS60 Trader Trial - Dan's Special Offer
Gain daily mentorship from Dan and get lifetime access to his training so you can find your edge, master your process, and own your future.
Retail Price: $297
Does NOT auto-renew.
100% Money-Back Guarantee
If for any reason, you're unsatisfied during your PS60 Trader 30-Day Trial, simply email support@accessatrader.com and we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked. This guarantee places all the risk on us to ensure you succeed.
Member Testimonials
Here's What Other Traders Said About Dan & His PS60 Process
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Access A Trader Testimonial
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Access A Trader Testimonial
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Does NOT auto-renew. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
What's Included With This Deal
   What do I get in the daily live webinar?
You'll receive live mentorship every trading day prior to and during market hours from Dan with other successful traders. Ask questions, get immediate feedback, and be a fly on the wall of veteran trader.
   What do I get in the PS60 Trainings?
Dan records and updates training for his PS60 Process each year to add in new strategies he's developed to improve his method. Between the PS60 Masterclasses and additional training, you're getting about 10+ hours of content directly from Dan, the team, and successful members so you can quickly master his process.
   What do I get in the live pivot feed?
During each trading day, you’ll receive Dan’s current opportunities he's watching closely and instant updates via his private twitter account so you can capture high probability wins.
   What do I get in the video recaps?
After each trading day, and on Sunday, you’ll receive Dan's market recap video breaking down his most recent trades, what worked, what didn't, and his plan for the next day. You get to use the same game plan of a 20+ year trading veteran every day.
   Will this work for me?
If you commit to watching Dan's PS60 Masterclasses multiple times and spending adequate time learning from Dan daily, this process will help you succeed. Dan's strategy is easier to replicate for traders with accounts of $25,000 or more, but traders with smaller accounts can still use Dan's strategies with great success, as many of our members have already proven.
   How and what does Dan trade?
Dan trades high beta stocks. He doesn't care whether the market is up or down, his strategy works either way. He does not teach options, futures, forex, or crypto, but many members have modified Dan's strategy to work for other trading styles and have had great success.
   How is this better than other courses and chat rooms?
Results, simplicity, and consistency. There's a reason Dan can teach his process in a single 3-4 hour session. It's not complicated, it's easily duplicated, and it works incredibly well. We don't ride the social media rollercoaster of day trading, we gather data and follow a proven process.
   Will this work in any market?
Absolutely! The crazy volatility we're experiencing right now creates a ton of opportunity if you're using a proven process, like PS60.
Need More Help?
Email support@accessatrader.com with any questions or concerns and we'll assist you.
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